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It has been a challenge for us to aim for and achieve the "Best and Finest" in exploratory business whilst maintain a flexible and broad perspective. This has been our ultimate theme over the centuries, one steadfastly continued even into the 21st century.
  The Seto-Naikai (Inland Sea of Japan) is internationally well known as a place of scenic beauty and has prospered as a strategic area for maritime traffic and shipping industries in Japan. In the middle of such a special place, you can see are our office and shipbuilding facilities.  
  Since 1931, we have continued building a great number of ships, keeping up with the latest technologies and polishing up continuously on technical skills, developing a good reputation and contributing to the maritime transportation industries.  
  As a part of technological innovation, CAD system for designing and NC plasma cutting machines and longitudinal welding machines for steel construction have been successively introduced since 1991 so as to further pursue constructional accuracy and efficiency as well as economical effectiveness, devoting utmost efforts to build ships to the satisfaction of our valuable customers.  
  Meanwhile, violent fluctuation of the global economy these days does not allow maritime transportation and shipbuilding industries to relax the reins.@Rapid rationalization and globalization of logistics and technical innovation and modernization of ships have surged into the industries and as a result, "shipbuilding" has been forced to make drastic changes in various respects. In order to overcome the circumstances, we have accelerated modernization of our facilities including a new building berth of its capacity 3,800 G/T completed and came into operation in 1997. Currently, we can build ships up to 9,700 G/T.  
  Thus, the system has been established for responding to inquiries and getting orders on various types of ships ranging from domestic vessels to ocean-going vessels.  
  We shall continue to make further efforts to meet our challenges in building the ships which will be well serviceable in the 21st century, and we are looking forward to having an opportunity to make your dreams come true in shipbuilding.  
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New Design
Chemical Tanker
 10,000DWT Chemical Tanker
   ( ICE1A )
 12,000DWT Chemical Tanker
 4,999DWT Chemical Tanker
 4,000DWT Chemical Tanker
Gas Carrier (Pressure Type)
 12,000CBM LPG Carrier
   ( Less than 120m )
 2,500CBM LPG Carrier 1 tank
 3,500CBM LPG Carrier 1 tank
Gas Carrier (SP/FR Type)
 12,000CBM Multi Gas Carrier
 11,500CBM SP/FR 2 tanks
 11,500CBM SP/FR 3 tanks
 8,600CBM SP/FR
 6,500CBM Ethylene Carrier
 4,500CBM SP/FR 1 tank
LNG Carrier
 5,000CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 4,500CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 3,500CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 3,000CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 2,500CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
Domestic Vessel
 6,000KL Clean Oil Tanker
 749GT Clean Oil Tanker
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