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Privacy Policy
    Sasaki Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called "Company") sets policies regarding handling of Personal Information and will endeavor to handle it appropriately.  
    The company will comply with the applicable laws and regulations, obligations under the applicable ministerial guidelines and this Privacy Policy in handling Personal Information.  
  Obtaining Personal Information  
    The company will let you know the purpose of usage before obtaining Personal Information from you and obtain it only upon your consents.  
  Using Personal Information  
    The company will not use Personal Information for any other purpose, except for cases in which the company has obtained in advance consents from you and for cases permitted under the related laws and regulations.  
  Providing to Third Parties  
    The company will not provide Personal Information to any third parties without your consents, except for cases permitted under the related laws and regulations.  
  Access Logs  
    The web server of the company records the information of visitors as access logs and they don't contain Personal Information. The access logs are utilized only for the purpose to maintain and analyze the website. They will not be used for other purpose.  

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Newly Developing Design
7,000DWT Chemical Tanker 
     (Methanol DF)
10,000DWT Chemical Tanker 
     (Methanol DF)
13,000DWT Chemical Tanker 
     (Methanol DF)
13,000DWT General Cargo 
     (Methanol DF)
5,000CBM LPG Carrier 
     (Hydrogen DF)
4,000DWT Methanol Bunkering Vessel 
6,500DWT Methanol Bunkering Vessel 
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