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Living Section Units
    This method of construction provides the interior finishing of excellent quality,
    by loading the units constructed previously into the vessel.
    It was adopted for a domestic vessel "ISEMARU" for the first time in Japan.
    It also improves the flexibilty of designing and the period of construction gets shorter.
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    The interior finishing of ISEMARU has been completed as finely as a hotel.

Living Section Units
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New Design
Chemical Tanker
 10,000DWT Chemical Tanker
   ( ICE1A )
 12,000DWT Chemical Tanker
 4,999DWT Chemical Tanker
 4,000DWT Chemical Tanker
Gas Carrier (Pressure Type)
 12,000CBM LPG Carrier
   ( Less than 120m )
 2,500CBM LPG Carrier 1 tank
 3,500CBM LPG Carrier 1 tank
Gas Carrier (SP/FR Type)
 12,000CBM Multi Gas Carrier
 11,500CBM SP/FR 2 tanks
 11,500CBM SP/FR 3 tanks
 8,600CBM SP/FR
 6,500CBM Ethylene Carrier
 4,500CBM SP/FR 1 tank
LNG Carrier
 5,000CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 4,500CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 3,500CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 3,000CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
 2,500CBM LNG Carrier 1 tank
Domestic Vessel
 6,000KL Clean Oil Tanker
 749GT Clean Oil Tanker
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